The Rise and Rise of Online Video

It’s estimated that over 70% of us would rather learn about a product or service by watching a video rather than reading text. It’s reckoned that we remember almost all of a message when we watch and listen to it as video – compared to just 10% of a message that we read about as text. Not surprising then, that 70% of businesses switching from text to video adverts report better results.
Whether you want to attract consumers, engage visitors, nurture prospects or delight customers, there’s a video format to help.

Attract Consumers
What’s the problem or question that your product or service can help solve? Short, eye catching content that talks about customers’ challenges resonates, giving viewers confidence in the solutions you’re able to offer.
This type of “evergreen” content - information that’s going to continue to be relevant to your prospects - makes a great subject for video, used on your website, on social media channels and even as a preroll to introduce more detailed information.

Engage Visitors
Your website plays a key role in talking to visitors about your product.
We’re constantly busy and multi-tasking. Nearly 80% of us prefer to see a product in action, via an unboxing or explainer video, rather than read about it.
Day in the life videos or ‘before and after’ videos, helping customers to see themselves using products are also gaining in popularity.

Nurture Prospects
Many visitors to your website are gathering information, researching products or services and narrowing down the options – but they’re not quite ready yet to buy. Create video content that continues to help with the decision-making process. Useful formats to consider include FAQs, tips and tricks and customer stories.

Delight Customers
Once you’re had a customer buy from you, use video to help them make the very most of their purchase.
Brand new customers respond well to a welcome video. Offering a complicated product, or a service that needs a little explanation? Create tutorial videos that show your customers exactly how to use your products.
Video ‘thank yous’ with the option to share content can boost referrals and generate additional revenue.
For more ideas, head over to our webpage, for a selection of recent business and charity videos.