A long discussion on marketing in a digital world.

Nice little post from photography professional, Geoff Clark.

After congratulating Richard Weston on his recent success, mentioned in a previous post, we were able to meet in a Manchester pub for a couple of hours. This was chance to review the challenges facing a photographer.His business model is very much one of a mixed economy ranging from exhibiting and selling work, to short courses and a successful comprehensive commercial photography service..
The key point to come out of our discussions was how much commitment he made to updating his various digital outlets.He spends one day a week on this activity documenting the range of professional activities the business covers

What he also found was how important, for enlarging a market profile, it was to engage with local interests outside of the core business, e.g. using sponsorship initiative etc. This generates levels of awareness of the brand which deepens the human face of the business.
He runs a very professional process of client engagement, in order to retain their loyalty, through a strong focus on quality in all its aspects. The attention to detail necessary to achieve quality is supported by a pricing structure and strategy which reflects this.