Weston Digital Imaging becomes an Expert on 360cities.net

360cities are the folk responsible for populating Google Earth with 360 Panoramics.  Every panoramic that is submitted has to go through a vetting and review process before it is even considered for their own site, let alone for Goofle Earth.  If the works is of a high enough standard then it is accepted onto Google Earth so it was a pleasant surprise to receive this email from them.

Dear Richard Weston. Weston Digital Imaging,

Congratulations! We've reviewed your account and granted you
expert status. This means that your newly published panoramas
will immediately be selected for 360Cities and will appear on
our map, search results, nearby places and recent activity list,
and will not first have to go through our standard review
process. It's our way of recognizing the consistent quality of
the panoramas you have been publishing.

We are proud to have you as an expert member of 360Cities!
Thank you for being with us!

- The 360Cities Team

View Weston Digital Imaging's portfolio here.

Derbyshire 360 panoramic