Spotlight on LPG member Colin Bamforth

A little behind with my postings at the moment, so trying to catch up with everything that has been happening with the Lindow Photographic Group and Weston Digital Imaging.

The spot light this time is on LPG member Colin Bamforth who has been with the group for several years now and is a very much liked and well respected member of the LPG Fox Talbot Group. He has an enthusiasm and creative approach to all things photographic, so in Colin's own words;-

It is a strange activity that is a combination of solitary and group involvement. You can be a separate observer or be immersed in the action taking place – although almost independent from it. It allows you to capture feelings and emotions, aspects of the world at large, a representation of events, things taking place at a particular point in time, amazing colours, shapes and objects.

Half the interest is in seeking out images that intrigue and interest you. Another half is finding things in the image that you hadn’t thought about in the first place when you took the picture and yet another half is the effects you can get afterwards by cropping and processing.

Once you have taken photos there is always the anticipation when you come to look closely at the results – a bit like opening Christmas presents. Things never quite turn out as expected and then you are always looking to take another picture in anticipation of finding a perfect one – which you never quite seem to achieve.

Your relationship with the images taken seems to vary over time. Some days you prefer one, other days you prefer another so in a way it reflects not only what you saw when you took the photo but also your state of mind when you look at it.


This was taken near to Rainow at the end of December .
It brought home the completely different life that the people who live there must have from the suburban, sheltered life with local transport, shops and entertainment of the likes of me. I don’t have to get up at who knows when at night to sort out sick sheep and to look after livestock in all weathers – but amidst an area of beauty.

This was taken on a walking holiday in Lesbos and is a ‘Garlic Fly’. It feeds only on wild garlic flowers and is probably unique to the Greek Islands. It was such a striking and lovely creature I found it fascinating to look at.

This was taken, without his knowledge, of a fellow traveller on a tall ship. He is contemplating climbing one of the 100ft plus tall masts. It took him 2 goes but he did it eventually. I couldn’t have done that

This was on a walking holiday in Spain one morning before we set off walking for the day. It captured for me the friendship and comradeship that builds up over time between people who have shared interests. It illustrates the jovial banter, joking and smalltalk that invariably takes place on these occasions.

This was taken from a ferry coming into Southampton. I was fascinated by the light and by the hint of a journey about to take place or coming to an end on what looks to be very peaceful waters.