A Photographic Challenge.

A few members of my photographic classes had opted to take on the challenge of 'in the style of', reproducing images of works from famous photographers and then adapting the shoot into their own ideas.  Experienced photographer, Lesley Kelly took on the image of forks by Bob Carlos Clarke and produced these superb pictures.

In her own words:-

'I was given the brief of 'in the style of' forks and at the time I started
the photographer was unknown to me.  The original photographer was Bob
Carlos Clarke.   If you look on the internet it seems that every form of fork photo has
already been done, so originality was hard to do.  So these are my
ideas.  All done with natural light as the forks were shiny so trying
to stop reflections on the forks was quite testing.
No flash and all taken either hand held or on a tripod as I used
60mm macro lens. Some work with photoshop, overlaying and making B & W'