Spotlight on LPG member Sally Read

Sally Read has become one of the most prolific and creative members of the Talbot group (the advanced section of the Lindow Photographic Group) and her enthusiasm and approach to her photography has given rise to a style that is her own.

In her own words:-

When asked to write a few sentences to describe my love of photography my immediate response was “I don’t do the written word, I prefer images”. All my life I have been fascinated by the nature around me and I now record this with close up and macro photography bringing out the details and textures that are often overlooked.

Often I create montages of several photographs to make a study of a subject.
I also enjoy the challenge of interpreting project themes and experimenting with unusual viewpoints and can often be found on my knees or lying on the ground with camera in hand.

Whatever the subject matter I nearly always end up with a detailed shot, this seems to be my style.