Another RPS success!

Wednesday saw John Lees from my Thursday night Lindow Photographic Group  acquire his LRPS.

The RPS felt the pictures showed good ways of looking and originality/ and creativity.  Liking the shed with the ladder shot as they thought it created a good narrative. The chair summarised at the end that it was a “strong panelling” with the two dominant square pics in the centre “exactly where they should be”.

When asked about how he felt about gaining his LRPS he said. 
'I feel totally thrilled to have got to this stage and very energised to go on to do ARPS.  I am very aware how much advice and support and encouragement I have had from other members – Nick and Colin on mounting and the day itself, a portfolio box borrowed from Mike M, and countless other tips and bits of advice from all the members of the Lindow Photographic Group.

This now brings a total of 11 fully qualified members in my Thursday class.  

Well done John!
View the portfolios here