Goosefest Tutorial

Richard's had a busy day  today: a 5 hour photography course, part of the Goostrey festival. (What an festival! I was there last night when "Any Questions" went out live on Radio 4), followed by a stint as wedding photographer at St Barts in Wilmslow, aided by the very capable Leonie. Just as well the Wilmslow High School PTA Ball, also booked in for this evening was postponed!

Richard's not back yet - but when he is, I'm sure he'll be very touched by the e-mails that are coming in from the photographers he tutored today, who are buzzing with what they've learned and where they want to go with  it.  Here are just a few of their thoughts:

"Many thanks for the course today, I really enjoyed it.
I am hoping to come to the Lindow Photographic Group on Monday if that's ok and see what it's all about."

 "Thanks for the great photographer course today. Myself and my daughter really enjoyed it and gained a lot of tips."

"Hi Richard,
Thoroughly enjoyed your course and it’s certainly whetted my appetite to carry on learning.  Was really impressed with the group pics and can’t wait to see them again and try out sagelight
Many thanks again and looking forward to receiving details of your other courses.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend."

Just as well he's got a holiday booked shortly!