Wilmslow Business Group

Let me ask you this question.  What did you look at first in this blog?  Was it the picture above or was it this text? Today was the spotlight on Weston Digital Imaging at the Wilmslow Business Group meeting, a five minute slot to promote our photographic services in Wilmslow and Manchester and get businesses to remember that their prospective clients can choose to ignore text on a website etc, but they can't ignore a picture, whether it be a good one or a bad one.  The information is conveyed in a split second, it tells the customer what you are selling and what you business is like.  At the end of the day you wouldn't buy something from Ebay that hasn't got a photograph.  The problem is that businesses spend a lot of time and money on marketing, websites, printed literature and advertising and then it is all let down in a split second by poor photography. 
You know that the picture above is promoting toys (this particular shot was used in an Argos catalogue) and in a fleeting moment your brain tells you that they are selling toys and if you buy one for your child they will be just as happy as the little boy in the shot - very simple and very clever advertising- all you want to know next is the details such as ‘how much’ and ‘how to order’. 
But in an era where digital cameras are so cheap and accessible to everyone, business cut corners on their visuals, be it interior shots, products or the inevitable Linked In mug shot because they think they are getting it for free.  The shots are inevitably badly lit, or worse, lit with flash on the camera and let's face it, who of you out there are happy with your Linked In picture!  Weston Digital Imaging has 28 years professional experience, fully qualified, access to a large studio and more - we're NOT a 'natural light only' photographer. (What would they do when it rains!). 
So the conclusion to our five minutes of fame for WBG members is this;
Don't let bad photography make your business look like a bad business.  There's is a big difference between professional photography and amateur photography - don't let it ruin all your hard work and investment.