Spotlight on LPG member Lesley Kelly

This months spotlight is on Lindow Photographic Group member Lesley Kelly who has been producing superb photographs for the group over these past few years.  I think her images and own words speak for themsleves.

The birds, flowers and nature are my passion that of course after photography and wish I could afford a lens that would help my cause, but when I can hold the camera steady some photos can be quite good.
When I visit nature reserves my camera comes with me and there are plenty of opportunities to take photos
 The black headed gull was sat on the post at Leighton Moss just north of Carnforth in Lancashire. I felt it looked better in Black and white as there was quite a lot of reflection on the water. I mostly use  my largest lens which is a Canon 70/300 zoom lens although I have just bought a new lens a Caon 18/135 which I'm finding really good.

 The Scarlet tiger moth was taken at Slimbidge while on holiday incorporating my love of flowers,  The beetle just by chance was under my rubbsh bin in the garden. Finally the dragonfly landed on the fence in front of me just as I was looking at some Goldfinches at Rudheath.

  I can take other photos and the final one is at New Brighton on one of my many trips to the Wirral this one with the intermediate group it was a fabulous sky and the silhouetted rails stand out against that sky.


  1. Some great images Lesley; I really like the black headed gull. Keep up the good work. Cheers Steve


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