Spotlight on a Lindow Photographic Group Member

I thought it was about time I started a 'spotlight' section illustrating work from a member of the Lindow Photographic Group.  Every term I get hundreds of photographs based upon the photographic briefs I set and each month I'll select work from a photographer whose submissions are outstanding for their inventiveness and creativity.
The first under the spotlight is the superb work of Dave Bower from the photographic brief 'Cupcakes'.  Why cupcakes as a photographic brief?  Well, cupcakes seem to be everywhere, in magazines, in shops, just about everywhere.  But have you ever thought about how you could photograph them and produce an image of merit?  Choosing a subject that is perhaps not everyone's first idea for a photograph challenges what we can do and how we make photographs our own, no matter what the subject matter is.  Dave has not only created simply beautiful and stunning images he has sent me a couple of shots to show how it was all done.  It is these 'setup' shots that are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the rest of us, who are scratching our heads as to how we set the shoot up.
I'm sure you'd all agree that Dave's work is professional, creative, beautiful and really illustrate his attention to detail and hard work.


  1. quality always shows...Colin B.

  2. Great work; we should try this set up on a club night?
    Cheers Steve


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