Product photography from Weston Digital Imaging

Our latest product photography shoot for Aquavision televisions turned out to be more interesting than one would expected.
‘How hard can it be to photography televisions I hear you say? ‘

 Well think of modern flat screen TVs as just one big mirror.  Stick a camera in front and all you can see is yourself staring straight back, not to mention everything else that is around you. 

‘Well that's easy, you can just Photoshop yourself out, you say.’

 But what happens when you add water to showcase the fact that these TVs are waterproof?  There is no way you can Photoshop reflections out without destroying the water effect. 
And this is where 27 years of professional experience come in and why Weston Digital Imaging always succeeds with photographic  problems to produce superb, high, quality creative images that are produce in time and in budget for the client.  

Need product photography? Why go anywhere else.


  1. Show off...looking forward to you sharing your magic Harry Potter!


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