Photography Tuition

Learn at your own pace with these one to one sessions.

Understanding your camera
These sessions will help you to understand the basics of your camera, shutter speeds, apertures, iso, backlight and focus lock functions to name just a few.

Advanced camera techniques
Tuition in advanced manual exposure, reflectors, balancing flash with ambient light, creative depth of field and HDR techniques

Basic studio lighting
One to one guidance on the basics of studio flash, lighting quality, reflectors dishes verses  soft boxes and understanding how to get that all important correct exposure.

Advanced studio lighting
Looking at how to create dramatic lighting effects in the studio?  These sessions look at multiple lighting techniques for still life, portraiture and the commercial image.

Basic Photoshop
How to get your image into Photoshop, understanding filing and naming of your images.  Simple enhancement techniques and a look at some of the more popular features of this industry standard software.

Advanced Photoshop
These sessions covers advanced image manipulation including working with multiple layers, Lab colour, split graded black and white, toning techniques and working with RAW files.