Calendar shoot

Having broken the mould with "Bald is Beautiful" calendar, we're back on home territory with the 8th (!) annual Lindow School Calendar.

Just take 150 children - in fancy dress to represent 12 different Olympic (ish) sports and add a mobile photographic studio set up in the school hall,  (factor in dismantling the studio for lunch...).

That leaves about 4 1/2 hours to photograph each child individually, then in groups of 3 or 4, taking care to ensure the correct child is in the correct costume correlating to the correct sport.... And this year the whole of the staff, including support staff, the caretaker and the secretary were also co-erced into taking part - and they looked brilliant.

Richard's nearly finished his bit, and then its over to the fantastic John Bowring of Keyprint to meticulously add in every child's name, high days and holidays.

No visuals available yet - it's all very much under wraps until the great launch on Dec 4th...


  1. Hi Bethen and Richard

    Sounds daunting but it will be a great success.

    Anonymously Jackie Manley - no profile


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