The Macclesfield & Wilmslow Business Awards 2011

Exciting news just in - Weston Digital Imaging has been short listed in the "Innovation & Design" category of the "Macclesfield & Wilmslow Business Awards 2011". (

The particular "Innovation & Design" that the judges were looking at was the Fitzwilliam project, (see the link below for a small part of the project). It's just one of many High Definition virtual tours we've completed, but it's certainly the most comprehensive. Sandhole Farm has just added the link to the virtual tour of their wedding barn (complete with audio & video files). The Wedding Dress shop in Alderley Edge has been handed over to their web designers, Untitled, from Knutsford, so that should be up and running shortly.

The Awards finalist will be announced at a Black Tie do at the Capethorne Manor (Isn't it always the case, no Black Tie do for years then 2 come along in a month!), on Nov 10th - so fingers crossed!
Kemet: The Black Land project here


  1. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Hope you have that suit cleaned and pressed and that thank you speech ready. Link works no picture


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