Virtual tours - in a 17th Century lead mine!

Well I can never complain that photography doesn't take me to interesting places, as the latest project is to produce a post graduate, high definition virtual tour of an old lead mine in Derbyshire.  Funding has been acquired from Derby University and the British Cave Research association to produce a survey of bats that reside in the mine throughout the year. But  before you ask, I'm not the one doing the surveying!  However what does one do with a few thousand pound worth of camera equipment when posed with the question of 'Can you do a virtual tour underground and include all the data for future students?'  This I couldn't refuse, but mud, water and humidity are not the best things for an all electronic camera, but I was determined to find out.  Of course I used the latest water resistant housing technology to protect the camera - a plastic bag- and ventured forth.

Now lighting is a big problem underground as there basically isn't any!  However, if anyone wants to know how to take dramatic photographs in a mine or cave?  Let me know and I'll run a course.

Should you wish to follow this project over the next twelve months, then, here is the link to the very first, very rough, and very crude web link that will constantly change as the project progresses and the images finalised:-
Project link