Adding a copyright watermark to photographs

There are many ways to add a copyright watermark to your photographs with many variations.  This is just one, which when done can be added to your images in a simple ‘Action’ in Photoshop.

Please note the sizes listed are just guides and you may wish to change them depending on the size of the photograph and the size of the copyright logo you require on the image.

For ease of viewing click the images to 'go large'

Step1:  Firstly open a ‘new file’ and set the Resolution to '300' and the size to '6” x 4”'.  (Should you require one centrally located watermark on your photograph then you may wish to change the size to 20”x20”)  Make sure the background is set to 'transparency'.

Step 2:  Select the 'text tool' and type your name, business name or any other title you wish.  Font 'size 100' and 'colour black'.

Step3:  Next click the 'shapes tool' and add drag open the 'copyright logo' to the desired size.  'Colour required, black'.

Step 4:  You will now have two layers in all.  Go to 'layer' and 'merge visible'.

Step 5:  Now right click on the single layer in the 'layers palette' and select 'blending options' and click the 'bevel and emboss' and 'set the fill anywhere between zero and nine points' Click OK
At this point you may wish to save the image as a PSD and jump to Step 10a for a single, centrally placed watermark.

Step 6:  Next click the 'free transform' button and rotate the text diagonally.

Step 7:  Click 'image' and then 'trim' and choose 'transparent pixels'.  This will trim away the unwanted space around the watermark.

Step 8:  Now what we need to do is set this up as a pattern we can use later.  Go to 'edit' and 'define pattern'
Give it a name and click ok.  You may also wish to save this as a psd file as well.

Step 9:  Now we can add the copyright logo to the image.
 Select your image you wish to copyright and add a new layer.  'Layers' then 'new layer'.

Step 10:  Go to 'edit' and then 'fill' where you can click on the customer pattern and choose the pattern you have just created.  Click OK.  This will run the copyright logo over the entire picture.

Step 10a:  Should you wish to have just a single watermark in the picture then after making and saving your copyright logo click on 'file' and then 'place'.  This will put the saved watermark in the centre of the picture.  N.B.  Should you prefer this look it is stringly suggested that when starting to create your copyright logo that you choice a new file at 20"x"20".

The logo can be moved around for greater definition.

So there we have it.  Obviously you are going to have hundreds,  if not thousands of pictures to copyright!  For this you'll need to set up an 'action' and a  'batch' process.  

A top tip for another day me thinks!

If you like the idea of finding out who, where and when your images are been used on line without the need of a visible watermark, then have a look at :-
Digimard for Images

Thanks to Mike Barr for bringing this to my attention.