Too busy to blog.....

It's just 2 and a bit weeks before Richard's off to fly a desk again, but there's plenty happening in the meantime:  - a visit from the BIPP, 
submissions to the RPS,
a chat with a bride about her forthcoming wedding photography,
lots of lovely high definition virtual tours for Sandhole Farm Wedding barn and stills for Heaton House Farm wedding barn (wedding season is well underway!), not to mention plenty of top photography tips to add to the blog (thanks for the idea, Steve).

and it's only Monday.......

By the way, if you wonder what it is that Richard gets up to on his hush hush weekends away, have a look at, a BBC 2 programme from last night. Can't you just see him with pipe and 1940's accent.....


  1. Hi Bethan,
    This blogging lark seems like a bit of a 3 way chat!!
    Keep up the good work & we'll get a few more of the group 'blogging' soon
    Cheers Steve

  2. It looks like the clocks out a little 08:32?
    16:32 on my watch...god this is sad...I hope this effort is going to be well rewarded? Yes I know in the afterlife!


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