One more from the archive.

Another hi-resolution scan. This one taken a couple of years later in 1984 on Ektachrome 100, with available light and fill in flash. Not by me, but by my brother, of yours truly, half way up the 240 foot daylight shaft in Alum Pot, Yorkshire.  He was the one who taught me to use a camera at the tender age of 15.  I remember sitting in our bedroom together as he extolled the importance of using manual in photography (sound familiar?).  In those days you used to be able to wrap your camera in a plastic bag, shove it in an old ammunition box and take it down caves where it would get wet and muddy, but the results were worth it!  Not sure I could do the same with today’s cameras.

P.S.  If you are wondering what the big black thing is in the middle, it is a huge boulder that is lodged half way down the shaft.


  1. Richard,
    You're trying to motivate & teach us 'beginners' how to take a decent shot & your showing off with photo's you were taking at 15!!
    Give us a chance...keep them coming
    Cheers Steve


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